my name is Geoffrey & I am a Web Designer Sushi Lover Web Developer Whiskey Enthusiast Graphic Designer Hiker / Wanderer Screen Printer Cat Owner

Hello World,

I am a small town kid from Eastern Washington who always wanted to escape to the 'big city'. I moved to Seattle in 2000 to attend the Art Institute where I gained a new appreciation for art of all mediums.

While living in Seattle I have been employed as a security guard, tech support specialist, customer service representative, graphic designer, property manager, web designer, developer, and a screen printer. I am the sum of all of these experiences and I am grateful for every single job I have had.

My philosophy:

I believe great design is in the details and it must support functionality. Those elements must work in harmony to achieve a successful build. Design is more than just choosing colors, typefaces, and images; great design works to present the content in a way that looks effortless.


HTML 80%
CSS 85%
JavaScript 60%
PHP 60%
OpenCart 75%
WordPress 80%
Illustrator 90%
Photoshop 85%
InDesign 70%
SketchUp 80%

My Team

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